Notification regarding the processing of data.

To proceed with sending your personal data, you must read and accept this communication as to the ways in which your personal data will be processed. You are free to withhold your consent to this processing, but in this case we will not be able to continue with your registration. Your personal data will only be actually transmitted to us after you have given consent to its processing.
As required by article 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Personal Data Protection Code), our company, in the vest of data-processing Title-holder, would like to inform you that the data collected directly and exclusively from interested parties by completion of the form, is processed observing the current normative in relation to security. All liability, whether civil or criminal, resulting from the provision of false or misleading information, not provided in good faith, or which in any case differs from the truth, is the total responsibility of the person who has provided it, and therefore no responsibility can be attributed to our company.
*1. Purposes of Processing *
The purposes of the processing are strictly related and fundamental to meeting the obligations required by laws, regulations and the EU normative, as well as dispositions from legitimate authorities and vigilance and control bodies. The provision of the data is free and optional. In the event that the data strictly required for creating the user profile in order to obtain access to our company blog, and for purposes strictly connected with its use, is withheld it will be impossible for the data-processing Title-holder to provide you with access. The data collected can also, with your consent, be processed to assign you a user-name and password that will enable you to effect a profiled access to the REAG system. In the event that your consent is not given for these purposes, the data-processing Title-holder will not be able to assign you with your credentials for authentication.
*2. Modes for Processing *
The processing will take place in such a way as to guarantee privacy and security, and could take place using manual, IT and telecommunication tools suitable for storing, managing and transmitting data. The logic governing its processing will be strictly correlated with the purposes illustrated.
*3. Communication of Data*
In the vest of Manager of the application on this Internet site, our company could be legally obliged to communicate, for the purposes strictly related to obligations of law, regulations and the EU normative, the data related to users to legitimate authorities and vigilance and control bodies. In order to carry out its activity, and taking into account its organisational structure and the services provided, in addition to its own employees (subjects who, for the purposes given in point 1 of this notification, the data could come to be known), our company uses external entities, companies or subjects who are delegated by the Title-holder or persons with responsibility, with the processing of the data obtained via the site for carrying out its own institutional purposes and other purposes given in point 1 of this notification, and monitoring (using a statistical method also) accesses to this site. As regards communication of your data to third-parties for these purposes, you have the option to withhold your consent by clicking on I do not consent. We would like to inform you however that if consent is withheld relating to communication of the data to the previously-mentioned external bodies, companies or subjects and the correlated processing of the data communicated, it will become impossible for the data-processing Title-holder to fulfil the related obligations and therefore assign you with the authentication credentials for accessing the application.
*4. Rights of the Person Concerned *
The Person concerned can exercise their rights as given in Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03:
1.The Person concerned has the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning them exists, irrespective of whether or not it is already recorded, and to obtain its communication in an intelligible form.
2.The Person concerned has the right to obtain indications on:
a) the source of the personal data;
b) the purposes and modes used for its processing;
c) the logic governing its processing when carried out with the aid of electronic means;
d) the identification data of the Title-holder, persons with responsibility and the designated representative for the territory of the Italian state where foreseen;
e) the subjects, or categories of subjects, to which the personal data could be communicated, or to whom it could come to be known, in their vest of designated representative of the territory of the Italian state, persons with responsibility or agents.
3. The Person concerned has the right to obtain:
a) updating, correction or, where of interest, integration of data;
b) deletion, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in a way breaching the law, including those for which conservation is not necessary for the purposes for which the data has been collected or subsequently processed;
c) certification that the operations given in letters a) and b) above have been notified, also in relation to their contents, to the entities to which the data has been communicated or disseminated, except for circumstances in which fulfilment results as being impossible or involves means that are manifestly out of proportion with the right to be upheld.
4. The Person concerned has the right to object, in part or in whole:
a) on legal grounds, to the processing of personal data relating to themselves, even though relevant to the purpose for which it was collected;
b) processing of the personal data relating to themselves for the purposes of sending them advertising material, for direct sales, or otherwise for carrying out market research or commercial communications."
Exercising of the rights above can be practised directly or by conferring in writing, by delegation or proxy, to other persons or associations.
In relation to the above you can directly, at any time, exercise your rights by writing to this company.
We would like to inform you further that, for technical reasons, the time required for deleting your personal data, when required, will be a maximum of 5 working days.
Therefore, by clicking on "Accept" you authorise processing of your data for the purposes described above.